Public Meeting: General Election - what can we do?

Tuesday, 09 May 2017 11:14

General Election - what can we do?

Thursday 11th May, 7.30-9.30pm - Stroud Old Town Hall, The Shambles - Free entry/donations welcome. For more information call/text James Beecher - 07734 058789


A meeting for our supporters and anyone interested in making the government's record of cuts and privatisation a pivotal part of the general election locally.

Stroud Against the Cuts is not affiliated to any political party but we believe there is important work to do, that our supporters - many of whom are not members of political parties - can be involved in.

We'll prepare some information, and a few ideas of how people can help our work - but are interested in hearing ideas from others about things we can do to highlight the government's terrible record.


Let us know you're coming / invite your friends on Facebook: General Election - what can we do?


We want your ideas for things we can do ahead of the election to make issues like the NHS privatisation, Education cuts, and increasing poverty central to the election. Stroud Against the Cuts is not affiliated to any political party and this meeting is not about who you should vote for, but about other work we can do.

We also have some ideas for action of our own that we'd love some help with:

* Help organising, publicising and funding a big public event on the NHS before the election (with NHS workers at its heart - as part of the national NHS Roadshow)

* Help with Register to Vote efforts

* Help with writing, designing, distributing (and paying for) leaflets - on the NHS, Education, and Wages/Poverty/Benefits - or other topics relevant to our core topics of cuts and privatisation that you suggest

* Help identifying, creating and sharing the best social media content

* Help identifying people who might be willing to speak to us about the impact of cuts and privatisation on them

* Help filming, editing and sharing videos featuring the best of the above

* Donations to help fund the above work and targeted social media advertising

* Volunteers to host stalls around the constituency on Saturday each week before the election

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