Letter from Archway Secondary School Mr Colin Belford to Parents/Carers

Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:49

Please see below the text of a letter from the Headteacher of Archway Secondary School to Parents/Carers. We believe the content will be of interest to parents/carers at other schools and/or the general public, but offer no further comment here. We have reproduced the letter in it's entirety, with permission.


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Headteacher Colin Belford

25 May 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

A recent meeting of Secondary Headteachers in Gloucestershire considered the issues facing education in the County and what questions we might ask prospective parliamentary candidates in the run up to the General Election. Our Governors looked at the questions and felt that we should share them with parents. They are listed below.

1. What is your position on education? How high on your agenda is it?
2. Do you think education should be de-politicised to avoid sweeping change and uncertainty and is your party willing to commit to stability to avoid unnecessary and expensive changes in curriculum and accountability measures?

1. Do you think there is a link between changes to the testing regime and childhood mental health issues across key stages 2, 3 and 4?
2. What are your priorities in supporting schools in tackling societal issues, protecting children in the digital age and ensuring that the education system protects/supports the mental health of children?
3. Do your party’s educational policies deliver the skills necessary for 21st century employability and how will you continue to narrow the achievement gap for disadvantaged children?

1. Do you think that we can build a world class education system with a systematic drop in national per pupil funding?
2. What is your policy to ensure schools are sufficiently and fairly funded? Will you review the National Funding Formula to achieve this?
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1. What are your plans to tackle the crisis of inadequate core funding per pupil?
2. The previous administration says that it has protected spending per pupil but it has not protected costs per pupil so that provision is deteriorating. Will you ensure funding at least keeps up with increasing costs? How?

1. What are your party’s plans to deal with recruitment and retention crisis in teaching (so few joining and so many leaving), and how will you ensure that teaching remains an attractive and respected profession?

I hope that you find these useful.

Yours faithfully,

Colin Belford

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