Videos related to NHS campaigning locally and nationally

Monday, 01 July 2013 12:31

You can watch each of these videos full screen by clicking the icon that looks like this: [  ] in the bottom right hand corner (after pressing play on an individual video). If you click the youtube logo (also in the bottom right), you can watch on their site, which gives you access to the 'like' button, and easy ways to share the video via twitter/facebook/etc, or embed codes for your own website. We have put the mainstream media coverage first, because this tells the story in the clearest way. However, these reports are brief - and include some inaccuracies - so please also watch the videos made by and for campaigners further down the page. Please also note that since the section 75 regulations and other legislation associated with the Health and Social Care Act were passed in April 2013, some things have changed. Much, however, remains the same: if you put up a fight, you can win.


Mainstream media coverage from BBC Points West (October 2012; February 2012; January 2012) and ITV Central (February 2012)



Voices of Keep Our NHS Public; Stroud protest on Saturday 16th June; Protest on September 24th 2011


Caroline Molloy and Chris Moore of Stroud Against the Cuts, and Pete Stamway of Forest Against Cuts, on the announcement that Gloucestershire's community health services would remain in the NHS


The Threat to Our NHS - talks by a former solicitor, explaining the legal case in Gloucestershire, and Wendy Savage, from national campaign organisation Keep Our NHS Public, given in Stroud, February 2012; and an edit of the Public Meeting in Stroud, March 2012


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