NHS Reinstatement Bill - letter to SNJ from SATC Treasurer Hannah Basson

Thursday, 17 March 2016 16:22

Dear Sir,

In 2012, Stroud Against the Cuts fought hard and
won to keep local health services publicly-owned.  Now many people are scared that a deal being
done behind closed doors between the EU and the USA (known as TTIP) will lead
to further expensive privatisations and reduction of services, with an increase
in user charges and the introduction of the government’s much debated health insurance

This Friday 11th will see the 2nd reading in Parliament of the NHS Bill.

This Bill is the first serious attempt in over 30 years to restore the NHS to its founding values as a publicly-owned, economically-sensible service that would offer universal health and wellness services, funded via taxation.  This Bill would stop the NHS being treated as a service of ‘economic interest’ which keeps it vulnerable to the vulture-like
picking off of more profitable aspects by large corporations.  It would also remove the NHS from TTIP.

The cost of enacting this Bill would be saved very quickly, with savings from then on of up to £20 billion a year according to some academics. This is the price of running the NHS for the benefit of privateers and those who wish to promote the idea that the NHS is unaffordable (more precise costing has been embargoed indefinitely by this government).

Although, its detractors say NHS staff do not want another reorganisation, under the current system thousands of NHS staff will be ‘reorganised’ every 3-7 years as services are re-tendered and staff contracted over and over.  

This is the only sensible reorganisation that puts patients first.

To find out more, please have a look at www.nhsbill2015.org or www.keepournhspublic.com and look out for people giving
out leaflets with more details.   

Hannah Basson