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NHS in Crisis - Fix it Now - Gloucestershire PROTEST Feb 3rd 2018

Friday, 26 January 2018 18:43
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Our NHS is being destroyed... it’s not an accident - but it is an emergency!

Let’s fight for our NHS: 

NHS in Crisis - Fix it Now - Gloucestershire PROTEST Feb 3rd 2018
Meet at The Cross, Gloucester, 12noon

(Part of nationwide day of protests called by Health Campaigns Together: Please share/invite friends to the protest Facebook event)

Around the country there are chronic bed shortages, waiting times are
getting longer, and operations have been postponed.


Cheltenham A&Ehas been downgraded (meaning it isn’t an A&E overnight), Minor Injuries
Units around Gloucestershire have had their opening hours reduced.

Fed-up GPs and other health workers are leaving.

Plans to replace two of the county's community hospitals in the Forest of Dean with one have just been approved, potentially leading to a loss of another 20 beds.

‘Phone/app-only’ services are replacing face-to-face services like the Stop
Smoking service.

Services keep getting handed to private companies to run - from non-emergency ambulances (patient transport, now run by Arriva), Out of Hours care (Care UK), and hospital pharmacy (Lloyds).

The government is underfunding the NHS by at least £22billion between
now and 2020. Gloucestershire faces over £200 million in cuts and a
£100 million hole in their capital budget... and reorganistion into an ‘ACO’.

We want an NHS that provides high-quality care, when people need it.

To provide good care, the NHS needs enough trained doctors, nurses and other workers - who should be properly paid. We want an end to the pay cap.

That means the NHS needs to be properly funded.
We must stop the underfunding and cuts of recent years.

We don’t want private companies pursuing profits to own or run
NHS services - this risks care and wastes money.

We want an NHS that cooperates to achieve the best care.
We must end forced competition for services that wastes billions in
a fake market - and allows Richard Branson to sue the NHS if contracts
aren’t given to his company.

No-one should go without care because they are unable to pay.
Treatment should be given on the basis of need -
no conditions should get in the way. Funding by progressive
taxation is fairest, charging for care must be opposed.

We want an end to the PFI rip-off, are opposed to the sell off of NHS
land and buildings under the Naylor report, and are concerned
about the introduction of ‘Accountable Care Organisations’ (ACOs),
which may mean private companies deciding which services are
available for free on the NHS.

Finally, we want the NHS to be as democratic as possible - decisions
must be accountable to patients, healthworkers, and the public.


Contact us for updates about campaigns, meetings and protests.
Help us spread the word: find the “Keep Gloucestershire’s NHS Public”
page and group on Facebook, send letters to local papers, and share
copies of this leaflet with friends, family, neighbours or at work.


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Cheltenham & Gloucester: 07947 632437 -
Forest of Dean: