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Saturday, 05 February 2011 16:19

A letter to SDC from Jessica Sim on changes to Social Housing

Dear Stroud District Residents,

I recently contacted you with regard to the governments plans to end security of tenure and increase rents for social ( i.e council, sheltered housing and housing association) tenants. See attached leaflet for details.

We are now facing the issue of Stroud District Council proposing rules to photograph all tenants, at great cost, supposedly to prevent fraud.
So many tenants and residents from far and wide have been keen to stop these things happening in Stroud that it makes sense for us to form our own action group. 
I am writing to invite you to form this group with us. Please consider getting involved to defend our homes and neighbourhoods. We all have other commitments but some effort now can ensure that secure tenancies and affordable rents do not become history. Losing these would make life harder for all of us!

All you need to do is reply to this message saying Yes you would like to defend social housing in stroud with your name and contact details if easier than Email. Please also let me know if and when you could come to a meeting between now and mid march. At this meeting we can decide on a name and mission statement etc so please supply any ideas you have too in advance for discussion.

For an example of a successfull lobbying social housing organisation that started in this way go to There is lots of useful information here.
Those of us who can please come to the picket protest with various other groups outside the next District Council meeting - This Thursday 10th Feb from 6pm at Ebley Mill GL5 4UB. There will be also be public seats available in the chamber (of course the meeting itself must not be disturbed). Lets show the council that we'll defend our housing! If you want a lift let me know on 01453 766059   Please also keep distributing and displaying the attached leaflet and petition.


Jessica Sim,  R.N,  SDC Tenant and member of Stroud Against the Cuts, Vice Chair of Summer Street Community Association.

The government want to slash local council funding by 28% over 4 years. As Mark Hawthorne has said, ‘the government’s top priority is cutting the deficit and Gloucestershire must play its part.’ Stroud District Council is facing a 27% cut in funding. It’s the young, elderly, disabled, poor and vulnerable who will suffer the most. Instead of accepting the cuts, councillors could join the campaign and demand more funds from central government. We should not be made to pay for the bail out of the banks; the previous government could have regulated the City and taken the banking, insurance and mortgage industry into democratic public ownership for the benefit of all. Instead the banks and finance sector have returned to huge profits and been allowed to again receive massive bonuses, while we suffer.

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